My paintings are often based on images gathered while travelling. The paintings in ColorFull are drawn from trips, foreign and domestic, taken over the last ten years. In the past few months I’ve spent hours going through my photo files choosing images that speak me – images that carry me back to a specific place and time.

One of my friends recently commented on the the number of doors, windows and other openings as focal points in this group of paintings. I’m not entirely sure if the symbolism pertains to my own life, but there certainly has been a lot of change recently. Because of the back to back transitions of my son’s wedding, my husband’s retirement and our move to Elon last fall, I was out of the studio from August through January. Now, as we settle into our new home, I am again beginning to feel the grounding that being in the studio provides in my life. I hope that tranquility is manifest to the viewer in these new paintings.